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Blonde Wisdom #7

Starting a band can be really exciting and also intimidating at the same time. Think of it as opening the doors of a brand new business or creating a family. This will help you approach the process in a most effective way.

Something important to consider is finding musicians and singers that not only get along with one another, but also have similar musical goals. Make it a priority to choose artists that are interested in performing the same type of genres as well as putting forth the same amount of time and effort into the band. Talent, chemistry and common band goals are all essential.

Once you've got your band in place, get your set list together and practice, practice, practice. Your first impression as a band can make or break you. Come out swinging! Honor each other, listen to each other and pay attention to what your clients and fans have to say about you. Other things to keep in mind as you are getting things up and running: look into hiring a manager, a booking agent, a regular sound engineer and most importantly, get your websites and social networks up.

Remember, it's a business and a family. Choose wisely and lead by example.


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