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Remedies for Vocal Issues

Hello Singers!

After 26 years in the business, I've learned a few tricks to help singers with vocal issues. Several vocal coaches have shared their secrets with my singers and me, and I'd love to share them with others who might have problems from time to time. Here are some remedies to try if you are struggling

-Emergen-C (1000 mg) - drink four a day mixed with room temp or warm water

-Hydrate with room-temperature water all day long

-Hot tea - noncaffeinated

Add Lemon & honey & ginger

-Hot water with lemon & honey

- Text and write notes, and do not whisper

If you have to talk, use your normal speaking voice

- Chicken & fish and protein, in general, helps

- Sleep with your head elevated and have a steam humidifier in the room

- Neti pot (Cvs)

- Hot Toddy - a shot of whiskey - hot water- honey- lemon

- Any foods that add hydration to your body, like raw fresh fruit and vegetables

- Grether's Pastilles throat lozenges

A few items to avoid if you have vocal issues are as follows:

- Throat spray

- Cough syrup & cough doos

- Coffee & alcohol (Sans the hot toddy recipe)

- Anything that causes dehydration

- Smoking in general

- All dairy products

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