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Let's Get it Started Again

I recently was asked to be on a podcast for Drop the needle, hosted by my friend Ben Williams, drummer and singer in the Warrior Kings band. As always, I get nervous about speaking in a public setting or for the public to hear, but Ben put me at ease. We had a great time, and I realized that even after almost two hours with him, I still had much more to say. The music business has been such a gift to me. It’s allowed me to follow my passion for enjoying, listening to, and learning so much about the music business and, at the same time, sent me down the path of making a living at it. The number of creative people I’ve met over the last 24 years is in the 1000s. Who knew that right here in Indianapolis, there was so much talent? I certainly had no idea. Not only are they creative, but so many are gracious enough to share their gifts and give back to their communities. In the following few blogs, I’ll focus on some beautiful events over the years that made the world softer and kinder. I’ll also write about some individuals who helped make these moments come to life. Thanks for stopping by! Lisa

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