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Blonde Wisdom #4

Check your ego at the door.

Definition of a Band.... A band consists of more than one person therefore it's a unit or group of musicians and artists.

A large key to the success of a group is to have a cohesive, collective and cooperative blend of talented people. Every successful band needs a leader or music director to call the show, run rehearsals, possibly handle money and bookings if no manager or agent are involved. With that being said, If one person feels that they are "worth more", "add more" or are "better" than the other members, it will very likely create a divisive environment that could lead to an eventual collapse of the band. If you are best suited to be a solo artist then embrace that. The philosophy that seems to work best for a successful band is to make it about "the whole" and not about "the one". #blondewisdom #numberfour #four


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