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Blonde Wisdom #3

Your sound engineer can make or break your band, therefore, it's extremely important to find the best person for the job. When someone walks into a venue and the first thing they hear is feedback or muffled vocals it can truly set the tone for how your band will be perceived for the rest of the evening. The sound engineer is an extension of your group, whether they are on stage mixing (as a band member) or out front mixing. Your band members need to make sure their equipment is working correctly and functional as well. You must have a cohesive relationship between your band and your engineer in order for everything to come together. Getting your sound dialed in before your actual performance starts should be priority number one. Priority number two for your engineer should be to stay 100% present with your band for the entirety of the show. Your engineer needs to be aware of who sings lead on which songs and who sings certain harmony parts, not to mention instrumental solos on said songs. With all of the boards that have presets now, this can be (and is) a great memory piece from room to room. However, you still need the person turning the knobs to actually know and care about what they're doing. Hire someone who is not only good at their job and has solid production but also someone that wants to be part of your group. Also, your sound person will quite likely be the person that the clients will approach during the shows for questions or concerns. Make sure they are comfortable and equipped for this, since the rest of you will be on stage performing. Pay them accordingly and don't forget to thank them at the end of the night when the dance floor was packed for the entirety as they were a big part of that success. #blondewisdom #numberthree #three


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