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Blonde Wisdom #11

When your band is performing at a private event it is so important to always follow proper etiquette. This is to not only guarantee a successful event but to also set your band on a path for future referrals and a busy schedule with some high paying gigs. Here are a couple of suggestions:

One thing that comes to mind is "band attire". Please follow whatever attire the host or hostess requests of you. If the event is formal or black tie you don't necessarily have to go rent or buy a tuxedo, but you will need a suit and preferably a black one. You can find jackets, pants, dress shirts and suits at most department stores (look for sales) and even at thrift shops like goodwill. Make sure that you keep your dressier attire clean and pressed. For the ladies look out for sales at department stores and several second hand shops also carry great designer black dresses. Make sure your lengths and fit are appropriate and your dresses are classy and not flashy or trashy. Remember, dress to impress. Most of the girls we work with have a black cocktail dress, a black longer dress and a nice pair of black pants with a few dressier shirts for business attire events. Also, keep your nails, hair, and makeup nice and always wear pretty shoes, preferably heels. As a band, coordinate your clothing at these events so that you all look sharp and similar for a cohesive uniform vibe. You never know, you might get some nice pictures to use from the event photographers too (if it's ok with the client and they happen to snap a few). Don't forget to always credit the photographer when posting pics to your social medias and web sites. Speaking of event photographers, make sure that you connect with the other hired vendors at the events you are performing. These can include planners, coordinators, photographers, videographers, other musicians, venue staff, just to name a few. Forming great relationships with other people in this industry will help you get positive referrals and might also help you to start forming a nice team of professionals to surround yourself with. None of these things work if you don't have a great product to offer to begin with, but these tips are all to help you put your best foot forward while being as successful and professional as possible. #numbereleven #eleven #blondewisdom Lisa

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