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Blonde Wisdom #9

When replacing a bandmate who has decided to leave the band for one reason or another, take your time and find the right person. Often there is a sense of panic especially when it's an abrupt exit. Don't panic. Find viable substitutes to fill in while you are in the search process. Sometimes, an unexpected substitute could end up being the right fit. Don't rush it. Don't just hire the first player that happens to have an open schedule just to ease your burden. Having a guitar player, for instance whose wheelhouse is rock and performing lots of solos in your RNB band won't necessarily be a good fit. Hiring a singer whose style or genre isn't adaptable to your bands set list and direction won't be comfortable. We've seen so many bands just go for the quick and easy grab out of either fear or the unwillingness to be patient. In almost all of these cases it seemed to end poorly. Really vet your candidates. Check references. Get to know them as a person too, not just a hire. This is someone you will be spending lots of time with and they will be representing you and the rest of your band on and off the stage. A band is a family and not only should you mesh musically but also personally. #blondewisdom #nine #numbernine Lisa

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